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Part 8/8 – Mitt Romney & Corporate Mormonism – Church Power

In the final chapter we’re exploring the Church’s real power.  It’s the same power Mitt Romney serves and equally wields on their behalf.  It’s the power behind the man that will not cease whether he’s elected the president or not.  The real question is, do you want this particular finger pressing the country’s buttons and calling all the shots?


Before we address the larger issues let us see if LDS (Latter Day Saints) can really influence a prophet’s policies.  Take for example PBS.  Sesame Street planned a protest in response to Mitt’s threat to cut their budget in an effort to save tax dollars.  How odd when we consider Dallin Oaks (the Supreme Court apostle mentioned in Part 7) was also the Chairman of precisely this cornerstone.


Not only do puppets parade around the broadcaster.  PBS is a wonderful source of documentaries and serves as a conduit of education.  One of the things they tried to teach was the history and controversy of Mormonism!  Always fair in their coverage they invited Dallin Oaks to participate, but the transcript begins with descriptions of yore that chasten the Saints for their history.  They further address the issue of government and how far the religion has come to be nominating Mitt for president.


Numerous authorities provided their side of the story and it makes for animated reading.  Some of the most interesting comments arrive from Tal Bachman (musician and son of rock star Randy Bachman of Bachman-Turner Overdrive).  He was a faithful Mormon but fell away from the Church in conflict with their teachings.  Tal affirms the strength of his earlier faith while on a mission for LDS and then laments about the insight it provided throughout the years of retrospect,


“I hit Argentina with the force of a hurricane, being 19 and absolutely convinced that you’re on the Lord’s errand fueled with these fantasies and aspirations.  I ended up with my companions baptizing entire congregations of aboriginal people in the mud.  Living conditions were frequently harsh.  You don’t have fresh water to bathe in, so you’re bathing in this rancid, algae-ridden, green, slimy water.  You drink it.  You’re dying of thirst.


It’s like 110-112 degrees.  Poison spitting toads getting into the apartment, crocodiles running all over the place.  I mean, I was completely into it…. I was so completely wound up that if my mission president had asked me to blow myself up like a suicide bomber, I would have said sure, where should I go.


I left the Church because…. I was forced to conclude that for whatever else it might be – it wasn’t what it claimed to be…. We risked our lives for the Church in Argentina.  I don’t think I can delude myself into thinking, or to making it okay for my children to put their lives on the line for this thing – if it’s not what it claims to be.  It might be the best thing ever invented, but if it’s invented it’s not worth dying for.”


It’s a particularly naked look from each commentator’s perspective.  The segment covers riveting issues from their indifference to Christianity to the importance of a missionary program.  Students contribute their frustrations while describing two years without an iota of privacy.  When a young person goes on mission they are led by an LDS official, who monitors personal progress by sticking with them 24-7.  As other 20-something young adults are getting comfortable with dorm life, these worshippers are regimented and only know individualism upon a scheduled trip to the bathroom.  They’re being molded and must remember the payoff comes when they return to Brigham Young University to access its wealth of connections.  One must first build the ranks before sitting atop a castle.


Another matter of controversy is LDS posthumous baptisms.  They especially seek to cleanse Jews after death in a special ceremony to make them Mormon.  A Holocaust survivor contributes her offense and pain toward the Church during interview.  She’s aghast that any group would attempt to erase her faith after all the Jewish people have been through.  This is the reason for the Mormons’ elaborate genealogical study, so they can “save” those who didn’t have a chance to accept the gospel while still living.


PBS set their sights on Latter Day Saints earlier in 2011.  On this occasion they questioned the Church’s influence and how it pressured Mormon senators to pass immigration laws impacting the State of Utah.  The episode reveals apostles’ free roaming access to the back corridors of power and how adamantly they seek to control politicians, including their successes and self-serving reasons for these regularly scheduled lobbying initiatives.  In the Mormons’ own words they continue to explain that 91 of 104 senators are from the LDS Church and serve as members of the Republican Party.


It may be pertinent to ask what instructions they offered Mitt in regard to PBS or how admitted lobbyists still qualify as a charity.  Only now that a prophet is running for president has the institution paused meeting with legislators before each and every session.  Normally apostles sit with Republicans followed by Democrats separately, to voice their concerns in a private venue where they benefit from special access to express their wishes directly.  Not only is this lobbying but the Church holds fiduciary power over the senators with whom they speak.  At any time the prophets can excommunicate their members and this puts elected Mormons at a distinct disadvantage to be able to act independently.


Senator Curt Bramble speaks openly about these pressures, as if it’s a normal occurrence and something to be expected.  He’s also a Mormon and chairs the BYU-Marriot School of Management finance department.  In another interesting turn he sits on the board of directors for ALEC.  The American Legislative Exchange Council is best described as a shadow government, comprised of all Republican senators and their industry tycoon partners.  Together they negotiate Bills and vote equal to one another.  The legislators in turn take their messages to the state and they boast of a 20 percent success rate influencing regulations to their benefit.


Currently ALEC is a registered charity, but the Center for Media and Democracy teamed up with Common Cause to call for government inquiry.  As a result of investigation they claim the group manipulates charitable status, to funnel more than $4 million in corporate gifts to senators as incentive to do their bidding.  Luxury trips and accommodations are said to be covered by a tax free “scholarship fund” and some states may have figured a way to make taxpayers foot the bill for additional contributions.  To elaborate, these scholarships have nothing to do with learning beyond what a company wants from government and a few items they take credit for include voter restrictions, anti-union measures and the agricultural gag laws.  (See full report in PDF.)


We’ve covered almost every industry and the time has come to address the last one.  The Military-Industrial Complex is a topic for which we have a duty to remain vigilant.  Dwight Eisenhower spoke cautiously in his Farewell Address and in the same spirit we’ll attempt to examine just the facts.


The economy of Utah depends on the defense industry more than any other.  Without it they can’t survive and according to their past financial authority Randy Rogers, the state is so reliant on armament manufacturing that it was nicknamed “an unhallowed gathering” (see pgs. 218-225).  Other sources of profit are derived from oil, gas, coal and agriculture.  The entire state has a population of 2.8 million, 80 percent is Caucasian (down from 91 percent in previous years) and more than half adhere to the Mormon Church.  The land is vastly uninhabited beyond LDS settlements, established by Brigham Young, Romney ancestors and the apostles.  Most businesses are the result of Mormon and/or military endeavors.  In that regard, the LDS network is so efficient in helping members prosper that Newsweek described Utah as “the new economic Zion”.  Due to religious domination, the state prohibits gambling of any sort and strictly controls the use of liquor.  It is against the Mormon health code to consume alcoholic beverages so any accessibility to spirits has more to do with tourism.  It is also home to the IRS.


Jonathan Browning of Browning rifle fame is another settler who followed behind the Romneys.  He was a judge, legislator, arms developer and manufacturer, LDS bishop and president of the High Priests’ council.  (These titles mirror the approximate and current stature of Mitt within the Church.)   Upon his death, son John Moses Browning stepped in to become the prolific gunsmith.  It is he who registered hundreds of patents and invented the automatic rifle, along with higher powered gas versions.  The Browning family remained true to Mormonism and their legacies still support the economy of Utah today.  Val Browning also split his time between weapons and the Church’s Amalgamated Sugar Co.


The next mention goes to Thiokol Chemical Company (now Morton-Thiokol); also known as a prominent Utah employer, headquarters to countless Mormons in the hierarchy and recipient of continuous contracts from the United States Armed Forces.  They also conduct rocket research on behalf of the Department of Defense, with Saints leading in the development of Tomahawk technologies.


Henry Eyring led the chemistry and physics world to major advances that included solid fuels used to launch weapons of mass destruction.  Much of this testing occurred in the countryside of Utah, on lands mass purchased by the government.  Henry was born in Mexico when his family fled with the Romneys to avoid persecution for polygamy and he is Mitt’s cousin, however many times removed.  He grew up with George Romney and upon gaining industry experience; Mr. Eyring became president of the American Chemical Society.  This is a position his son Henry B. Erying inherited, as well as assumingapostleship and second-in-command of all Latter Day Saints.


In 1958 Henry Senior’s research led to Thiokol winning the contract to build the motor for Minuteman nuclear missiles.  The Air Force now possesses 450 of these warheads made by Mormons.


(Minuteman missile launch, credit US Air Force)


George Alford was another Mormon in charge of top secret operations at Thiokol, as indicated by declassified records linked above.  Not only did he help to produce armaments, but the company was also responsible for the engines used to launch space shuttles through NASA.  A tight group of Latter Day Saints worked together designing and manufacturing the ill fated O-ring that caused the shuttleChallenger to crash, killing everyone on board including school teacher Christa McAuliffe.  This is the same incident Mitt Romney refers to when speaking of the Boy Scouts flag that survived the wreckage.


Following government inquiry a book was released alleging Mormon apostles pressured officials into awarding this lucrative contract (see entry #39).  It may have complicated matters that immediate Church employees were working for this company in unison.  LDS Bishop Frank Lund was a prime example, additionally conducting business with Saudis in the Middle East for a quarter century.  Sterling John Bennett Junior shares a similar story, but in his case it involves the development of chemical advances for the Korean War.


In the aftermath of the Challenger catastrophe Thiokol executives were then demoted.  Sadly no one heeded devout Mormon Roger Boisjoly’s warnings.  He was an underling and time and money were deemed more important in high profile projects.  Three years later the Church’s Jon Hunstman was elected to Thiokol’s board of directors in Utah.  A short time later the company purchased the Air Force Plant 78, to expand their operations in the manufacturing of ballistic missiles.  Now that NASA is winding down the space shuttle program, there is much ground the company is looking to recover and if history repeats, the Mormon Church would be looking to Mitt for a helping hand.


In true LDS fashion they did not let the crash keep their entrepreneurial spirits down.  The Saints were intent to diversify and through Thiokol they formed the Management and Training Corporation.  We know MTC better by its private prison functions, but it is also the largest recipient of government contracts to provide training through Job Corps centers across the country.


Mormon bishop and president of the Los Angeles stake Rodney Brady, sat on the MTC board of directorsto help the company get its start.  An ardent Republican, he also headed the Church’s Deseret Management Corporation while serving the Department of Health.  In the company of fellow Saints, Brady also transitioned from Thiokol and served a term in the Air Force.


Bishop Craig Sudbury assumed the position of vice president at MTC (see bottom), but he owed his good fortunes to the likes of Bernie Diamond who was himself a Mormon and a man of many talents.  He put up the money to purchase Management and Training Corp after working on rockets and was rewarded with a government appointment to become the national director of poverty initiatives.  Even that wasn’t enough to keep Mr. Diamond busy, for he began an acting career through LDS once the company was established.  You’ll best remember him from his starring role on Touched By An Angel, along with many other television shows and moves filmed by the Mormon Church.  As he said upon passing, “I did it my way”.


Unfortunately those he left behind ran into trouble with the private prison enterprise.  MTC was awarded a $430 million contract to operate correctional facilities in Mississippi.  They now controlled 22 different locations and new legislation cracking down on illegal immigrants made the venture widely profitable, but there was still a matter of inadequate security.  In Arizona 3 inmates managed to escapeand they murdered a couple from Oklahoma while on their rampage.  The state conducted an inquiry and threatened to cancel business with MTC unless they brought the operation up to par by meeting a number of stipulations.


With Bernie already embarking on a different career path, he didn’t return to MTC and instead teamed up with LDS filmmaker Daryn Tufts.  The latter was also spokesperson for the Questar Corporation, which amalgamated several gas and coal companies around Utah and surrounding states (PDF).  It is here the fellows would connect with R.D. Cash who acted as Chairman, and Mr. Cash in turn sits amongst higher ranking Mormons on the board of Zion Bancorporation.  Before we venture into the world of finance it’s only proper to mention Clarence Sargent, as the other Mormon apostle who looked after all the pipelines and attained the rank of army Captain just like most of his brothers before him.


Now the military doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite for advancing in the Church.  Money managers hold the newest keys to accessing global markets and Eric Varvel is still a welcome part of the prospering Mormon family.  He graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Finance to become the CEO of Credit Suisse Investment Bank, Securities, Group, International, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  This is the same Credit Suisse that was fined $536 million for breaking US sanctions against Iran.  The bank is alleged to funnel money for Iranian Atomic Energy and Aerospace organizations, to facilitate their acquisition of nuclear and missile related weapons.  Some of those material purchases were made from companies in the United States.  Mr. Varvel’s name came up in a Romney fundraising controversythat originated at Credit Suisse as well.  Finally, he sponsors employment through his position on the BYU National Advisory Council.


Nolan Archibald was the Executive Chairman of Black and Decker before assuming the position ofDirector at Huntsman Corp.  Here he presides with Jon Senior and Jon Junior, as well as commanding the post of Director at Lockheed Martin.  Within the Church he’s been a bishop, stake president of Washington, DC and now sits on the Quorum of Seventy.


Albert E. Haines has been a bishop, stake president and mission president to Germany.  He grew up an army brat and became the first CAO of Salt Lake City.  Albert graduated from BYU and continues to siton the school’s National Advisory Council in the company of Mitt and Tagg Romney.  He’s also employed as a government contractor, setting up the infrastructure for major cities in Iraq.


Mr. Boyd K. Packer is currently the highest ranking apostle in the Quorum of Twelve.  Only the Church president and two councillors hold superior positions.  He’s headed the Mormon education system and graduated from BYU.  Boyd also joined the Air Force in WWII and flew bombing missions against Japan.


Speaking of bombs, the name of apostle Dallin Oaks is brought to our attention once more.  In the mid 1980s the Church enjoyed a business partnership with what would turn out to be a master forger and convicted murderer, Mark Hoffman.  LDS spent copious amounts of the Mormon faithful’s dollars in purchase of many documents from Hoffman.  They were important to the Church because they were intended to settle points of dispute regarding their history and the language of Reformed Egyptian.  One work was the famous Salamander Letter that resulted in two bombings to prevent dissenters from speaking out.  Hoffman confessed to these crimes when a third bomb exploded by accident in his car on the way to do another job.  Dallin Oaks explained the Church was duped in these business dealings, but suggested some of the purchased artifacts are not necessarily forgeries like the Salamander Letter.  These events were so serious they garnered global attention and forced the Mormon Church into a PR campaign to repair their reputation.  He compared the trickery against LDS with the Hitler Diary forgeries and distanced Latter Day Saints as far as possible from their former supplier.  The matter persists as an urban legend, so great that Law and Order based an episode on this material.


Richard G. Scott is another member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles.  He’s a nuclear engineer and the man who designed the nuclear reactor used by the Nautilus – the first US Navy nuclear powered submarine.  He continued with classified work for the Armed Forces and then contributed to the development of the first land based nuclear power plant.


Dieter F. Uchtdorf is an apostle in the highest office of the Church.  He’s second in line to become president of the religion entirely.  Dieter was Senior Vice President of Lufthansa German Airlines and prior to that he flew for the German air force, as well as the American military.


His story is noteworthy and begins with father Karl serving in Hitler’s army throughout WWII.  Althoughsome explanations may have been shortened, the family was part of the Sudeten Germans who voted overwhelmingly to support the dictator.  They were attempting to claim land located within the bounds of Czechoslovakia and when the war struck, most of these men became members of the infamous Gestapo.  As atrocities finally concluded the Czechs evicted Germans bitterly, causing Dieter’s family to take refuge and relocate to communist East Germany.  He’s noted by the annals of history as one of these exceptional individuals and others in his company include the developer of Volkswagen and Porche.


Upon reaching adulthood Dieter ambitiously joined the German’s air forces and after transitioning to Lufthansa a terrifying situation befell the company.  A jet was hijacked by terrorists in 1973 and it was his job to follow the plane and negotiate for it and the hostages’ release.  There is no mention of his duties with US forces, but this apostle resettled and took up life in America.  Uchtdorf is further credited with negotiating in Germany, to have the Mormon Church accepted and built in a communist regime.  Upon giving his name and bearing testimony to officials, the Latter Day Saints were no longer questioned andenjoyed free reign as those around them were being persecuted.


This raises the issue of Saints during WWII and a surprising collection that was put together by Church history staff at Brigham Young University.  According to missionary letters most of LDS was in favour of Hitler.  They even took part in helping the regime trace genealogy used to weed out Jewish families.  This suited their own purpose as the Church was attempting to do the same.  The government was horrendously gassing them to death and the Mormons were graciously performing posthumous baptisms.  Moreover they admired Hitler’s command, causing everyone to behave according to their shared principles.


The Mormons had direct contact with Hitler and missionaries reported belief he had adopted their religion.  They shared their admiration that the Reich was mimicking different processes established by Latter Day Saints (begin at #3 and continue),


“In fact, during the Hitler regime the Church received some favourable press…. We didn’t see anything wrong with what they were doing.  We liked Hitler.  We would just eat up articles…. Other LDS Americans were impressed by Hitler and his ability to speak and motivate the people…. I’m afraid if I stayed here a few more years I would become completely Natzified myself…. You may hate Hitler but you have to acknowledge he is doing things.  She praised his work with the youth and his attempts to make them a superior race….. whatever the Germans did to Jews they did not lynch them like America does the Negro…. Americans should not be too hard on the Germans…. Some missionaries talked about the positive things that Hitler did for Germany…. one government, one people, one leader.


Usually the positive comments about Hitler involved what many missionaries saw as similarities between Hitler’s plans and Church programs….  The missionaries had the impression that we were the favoured church in Germany, because the missionaries had conversed with Hitler and his buddy in the First World War was LDS…. The missionaries believed that elements of Church practices started appearing in the Nazi government…. Others said that top German officials had received copies of the Book of Mormon…. and believed Hitler had read (it)…. The new Germany (is) creating more of a feeling of unity and brotherhood through voluntary mutual help.


With Hitler’s attempts to create a superior race, Church members for the first time were encouraged in their genealogy work in Germany…. Mr. Hitler…. Is helping…. to prove that (they are) a pure blood German for at least four generations…. is the desire of each resident…. With this new emphasis records were opened up for the first time and members were encouraged…. to use them.  Some even received letters…. complementing the Saints for their patriotism.  (He) recalled his pleasant surprise when Church members were asked to do a radio broadcast on genealogy…. We were shocked with…. such an opportunity…. since the government regulates the radio…. We are in happy anticipation.”


What negative views are offered took little issue with Jews being carted away.  Most were complaints about restrictions to minister amongst the youth who were occupied by the government.  Finally they worried the German people may worship Hitler more than their God.


These views did not cease with the end of WWII and a professor of German Studies at BYU delivered a troublesome seminar assessing humans as a warlike people.  At one point he sympathizes that Mormons were misled by mass hysteria, but continues to defend all the good things Hitler accomplished and describes these instances as Nazi romanticism.  University staff under guidance of the Church, maintain LDS suspicions that he may have been baptized into Mormon.  Before drawing parallels to George W. Bush and September 9/11 the professor concedes,


“I think everyone now experiences deep embarrassment and sadness at such statements.  But the passage of time has the power to make fools of all of us if we too end up on the wrong side of history.”


Ultimately he provides reason for Mormons to reconsider their political actions as they pertain to the current war on terror.  There are professional LDS apologetics whose job may be more sympathetic, but we haven’t come across a condemnation of any sort without including their mystifying support toward the purifying goals of this hideous war criminal.


Finally we meet the highest ranking Mormon patriarch.  He too is an apostle and emeritus above the Quorum.  Eldred G. Smith is a direct descendant of Joseph, who divined this new religion on a hilltop in New York.  During WWII and from 1944-46, Eldred lived in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and presided over the area for the Church.  He also worked on the top secret Manhattan Project and built the first atomic bomb that would be dropped on Hiroshima.


Although the Latter Day Saints vow they are not a political body, it seems Craig Zwick used the Church email account to solicit funds for Romney’s presidential campaign.  They also excommunicated a Mormon for posting an article addressing questions about Mitt’s religion in comparison to Christianity.  In a rare Salt Lake article dated from 2005, the paper describes integral political relationships between the Church and Washington, DC.


They address a special bond Mormons share with the CIA, as well as the network of political power players that Saints have at their disposal.  In congress they continue to occupy key positions in the Treasury Department and they’re advisors on matters of international affairs, land and torture intelligence.  It was a Mormon who provided President Bush with the false weapons of mass destruction memo and another who monitored Libya’s weapons plus the Chinese embargo.


In an excited moment Karl Rove is celebrated for selling the Church to the Bush White House, “as a strong ally if treated well”.  Omar Kader is well known as the Palestinian Mormon who also founded theUnited Palestinian Appeal, served as administrator of BYU and acts as a government contractor in the Middle East.  He is credited with using his connections to get the Church accepted into Jordan.


When Republicans control the Oval Office there are countless opportunities for Saints, including Secretary of State offices in departments like African Affairs, Domestic Affairs, National Security, Health, Education and with the Attorney General.  Mormon politicians proudly admit to funding Utah infrastructure projects because of obligations to their faith and doing government business within the Church.  They say “everybody does it” and this is completely normal.  If connections within the CIA appeared to be one track minded, then worry not for Mormon icon David Eccles was used as a bridge tothe FBI as well.


In a world of subjective truth we can see the reason for Mitt’s “no comments” when it comes to inquiries about his relationship with the Church and in what capacity he serves their agenda.  In the meantime the Mormon Legion reports to be forming a lobby to push their family values on the network at Capitol Hill.  It’s unclear how Romney can profess to be separate when his cohorts are already celebrating, but perhaps America will ask deeper questions before heading to the ballot box.  Placing a theocratic-military-industrial complex in charge of the country has been cautioned against by a great many men, women and youths.  It’s little wonder why Mitt speaks the way he does about the 47 percent and don’t forget about Big Bird if you were counting on free speech after the election and a Mormon-Republican win.


(US President George W. Bush with Latter Day Saints/apostle executive, 2006)


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Part 4: Blacks, Jews, Indians & Christians – The most racist entry of the series describes Mitt Romney’s beliefs about Blacks, Jews and Indians.  They’re considered “vile” and “dark skinned” as a mark of sin and a way for Mormons to identify and keep them from their midst.  It’s troublesome and daunting to read, but true of Mormons none the less.  Mentions Mark Twain’s real meeting with Mitt’s grandparents and his scathing review of their doctrine.  Also discusses Latter Day Saints’ belief they are “white and delightsome” while everyone else is lesser than their kind.  Further insults toward Jews and Christians say they must repent and become Mormon or else suffer the Church’s consequences.  Blacks are seen as their servants and Indian children were taken away only to be abused in Mormon foster homes.  Closes with a video from Mitt’s son Tagg Romney, addressing the importance of Mormon fundamentals taking higher priority than matters of business and government.  Offers a good picture of what an LDS theocratic presidency would look like today.


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Part 6: Church Business – Introduces the Mormon concept of “competitive cooperative capitalism” and how it clashes repeatedly with anti trust convictions (think socialism for CEOs and the battles that rage across today’s headlines).  Brings the faith’s relationship with prolific, illegal arms dealers into focus and every business the Church owns.  As Mormon executives they control current American banking.  They are the largest commercial food manufacturers, largest American land owners, largest private producer of dirty coal energy and yet they’re a charity so they don’t pay associated tax.  Mormons are so protective of their empire that they created a spy ring to keep whistle blowers equally controlled.


Part 7: Insider trading – Who does Mitt Romney owe?  Some of the most powerful men in America who also happen to be Mormons, made by their own network.  Also looks at religious degrees to head combat for the military and actual training to kill in the name of a Mormon God (as devised by Mitt and his family, in defiance of the plan to counter terrorism).  Truly bizarre, unsettling and current; not to mention Mitt sits on the board of directors to keep it so.  Segment investigates the way this Mormon network is set up to control most powerful businesses in America and what anti trust convictions resulted nearly every time.  They pursue “competitive cooperative capitalism” no matter the consequence and these actions contribute to market meltdowns repeatedly – including now.  Surprising revelations include the strategy to run Mormons against Mormons in the political arena, to ensure they operate the country no matter who wins.  This is precisely the way Mitt was selected as the Republican candidate for President.  They even have a major hand in illegally manipulating LIBOR and if you thought Mitt agreed to support gays in the Boy Scouts please think again.  Most don’t know the Church operates the Boy Scouts program and are responsible for the sexual offenders secret files involved in lawsuits.


Part 8: Church Power – Located above on this page.  Deals with Mormons illegally helping Iran acquire nuclear weapons in defiance of US sanctions.  Looks at their direct hand in the Holocaust and sympathy for Hitler, exploding the space shuttle Challenger and the Mormon empire built on nuclear weapons.  Also explains the truth behind PBS and why Mitt is gunning to shut them down.  From Mormon control of private prisons to developing the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima (Manhattan Project), the Romneys are connect to the whole kit and caboodle.  They are after all, the creators of Mormon and have every base covered from CIA spies to Supreme Court Justices who alter the law to the network’s benefit.


(Please forgive any typos or grammatical nightmares!  Unfortunately due to the timing of US elections, it wasn’t possible to edit before publishing.  This research took longer to assemble than anticipated and enlightened more issues than I expected at the onset.  Expedience became more important than polishing and I ask for your patience after writing non-stop.  The information is well-sourced and I invite you visit the many hyperlinks provided.  It’s there you’ll find every detail I couldn’t manage to squeeze in.  Thank you.)