2013 was an amazing year for journalists around the world.  A record number of fearless reporters were kidnapped, killed or silenced by their governments for heroic efforts to bring you the truth.  This was the original intention of the Fourth Estate, to act as a counterbalance to government by keeping the honesty of politicians in check.

However, as we learn about the extent of NSA spying, it has also led to revelations about CSEC (the Canadian partner) and Five Eyes allies, causing everyone to question their freedom of speech and any existence of freedom of the press.   Some thought Canada was a pillar of civil liberties and her people would not succumb to intimidation or the shift to corporate mainstream media, that has replaced journalism with public relations advertising in a perfected exercise of bait and switch.

As an affected freelance investigative reporter, I’m here to say this viewpoint was beautifully hopeful but sincerely misplaced.  I’ve seen political gatekeepers installed as editors across the spectrum, to a point it is no longer feasible to publish articles with any grit.  I was raised in an era that empowered journalists and instilled a duty to hold bright torches in every dark corner.  They doggedly pursued the truth and while it didn’t win them many friends, the respect they earned was celebrated as a necessary tool to maintain a functioning democracy.

Today is not the same.  I’ve written many investigations for larger outfits like CBC, the Huffington Post Canada and Open Government projects.  Some of my work has been syndicated in the US and I’ve also been a guest on politically driven radio and television programs.  Since the global rise of corporations over government and government over the people though, I can no longer publish these stories.  Aside of becoming virtually blacklisted at major outlets, my family has also become the target of harassment and intimidation, in an effort to silence this work completely.

Despite this, I am not a fan of cowering to fear or trading ethics and integrity for PR dollars.  My family feels the same because we were cut from the same cloth and they support me in this endeavour to speak, whenever the mainstream would prefer to keep things quiet.  This project will begin with my own investigations, but if other persecuted journalists can add reliable, independent reports, their work will be (vetted for accuracy and) welcomed in the future.  If you have a burning story with irreproachable evidence and you are unafraid – then you’re invited to get in touch.

Unfortunately most reporters of the investigative ilk have relinquished their incomes for the sake of telling the truth, so please request permission with appropriate fee to re-publish in other venues.  Otherwise linking from this site is appreciated and approved.  Thanks for your support to restore bona fide journalism and hopefully in the process, a respectful democracy.

Yours very truly,


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